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The Ladies Auxiliary Summary
Tova Mirvis

Everything you need to understand or teach The Ladies Auxiliary by Tova Mirvis.

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The Ladies Auxiliary Summary

Plot Summary

An outsider brings awakening to a close-knit but closed-minded Jewish community in the novel The Ladies Auxiliary by Tova Mirvis. Batsheva Jacobs, an eclectic Jewish convert, becomes the object of gossip on the first day that she moves in the Memphis Jewish community. The ladies try to accept Batsheva because the Rabbi's wife seems to approve of her but their opinions change when the girls who Batsheva teaches become more rebellious. They blame the negative changes on Batsheva and try to force her from the community. Themes in the novel include hypocrisy in religion; the emptiness that can take over religious rituals; and the danger of judging a person by their appearance alone.

Before they have even met Batsheva, who moves into their community late one Friday, the Jewish women of Memphis have already decided that they do not like her. She dresses differently from them; she has...

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