The Joining of the Stone Summary
Shirley Rousseau Murphy

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The Joining of the Stone Summary

The forces of good and evil battle one another in The Joining of the Stone, which is the conclusion of the five-part epic fantasy about the children of Ynell. However, the book easily stands on its own; one does not have to read the four previous fantasies to be captivated by this mysterious tale.

Ramad, the hero in the previous epic tales, is now dead, and his eighteen-year-old son Lobon is driven to avenge his father's death. Lobon must battle the same evil force that killed his father, the dragon-man creature Dracvadrig. Much of this adventurous tale is told through the eyes of Lobon's mother, Skeelie, who mysteriously "Wavers" through Time. A young Seer, Meatha, to whom Lobon is drawn for strength and love, plays a major role in this battle of good and evil. And the sinister Seer Kish, who joins forces with Dracvadrig, also adds to...

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