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The Jewel in the Crown Summary
Paul Scott

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The Jewel in the Crown Summary

Plot Summary

"The Jewel in the Crown" is a novel that takes place primarily in British-controlled India in the 1940s. The central story is that of a young British woman named Daphne Manners who is living in Mayapore, a fictional Indian town. Daphne falls in love with an Indian man named Hari Kumar, who was raised in England but has returned to India after the death of his father. Their relationship is controversial in the small town, where the Europeans, Indians, and those of mixed race are all segregated into separate parts of town.

Daphne and Hari meet one night in a secluded park called the Bibighar Gardens where they make love for the first time. After, they are attacked by a group of Indian men. Hari is tied up and Daphne is raped.

Fearing Hari will be blamed for the rape, Daphne makes him promise to say nothing about...

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