The Isis Pedlar Summary
Monica Hughes

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The Isis Pedlar Summary

The Isis Pedlar opens with the arrival of Michael Flynn and his daughter Moira, in their small spaceship, to an orbiting position around the planet Isis near the star called Ra. Mike reads about Isis in a catalogue of planets, but keeps the listing from Moira while she works on repairing their spaceship. Distracting Moira by his manipulative sweet-talk, Mike takes one of their small transports down to the planet.

Once she has jury-rigged repairs, Moira realizes her father disabled their communications radio before landing on a colony planet quarantined because the settlers are in a non-technological phase. She heads down to Isis to get Mike off the planet before he can cause enough trouble to hurt people or be put in jail again.

When Mike arrives in the only settled valley, Isis, a dapper little peacock who meets children in homespun style by giving out a few...

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