The Ipcress File Summary
Len Deighton

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The Ipcress File Summary

One prominent theme in The Ipcress File is class consciousness and class resentment. The protagonist, of working-class origin, resents being regarded as a "outsider" by his colleagues and superiors who are public school-Oxford educated. He believes firmly in meritocracy and resents the privileges granted the aristocracy of birth. However, by virtue of its heterogeneity, any civilized society is divisible into classes according to gender, age, health, education, occupation, ability, criminality, income, wealth, and power. Even when mobility is possible from one class to another, classes are irreconcilably divided whether or not resentment and conflict occur. A member of one class may or may not feel resentment and antagonism toward members of other classes depending on his or her temperament and outlook. Although the protagonist resents his class position relative to the upper crust, he is sufficiently honest, self-critical, and humorous in spirit not to allow his resentment to...

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