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The Hustler Summary
Robert Rossen

Everything you need to understand or teach The Hustler by Robert Rossen.

  • The Hustler Summary & Study Guide

The Hustler Summary

Summary and Analysis

The Hustler begins as Eddie Felson and his partner, Charlie Burns, pull up to a service station. They go inside a bar to pass the time. Viewers learn that Eddie is the best pool player in the area. While in the bar, Eddie plays a guy who begins losing to him quickly. Eddie makes a good shot, and the man wants him to set up the balls as before so he can have a second chance at the bet. Eddie guarantees that he'll make the shot for a second time. Eddie doesn't make the shot the second time, and Charlie won't let him play again. Another man agrees to let him make the shot again and sets up the table. Eddie makes the shot and heads out to the car with a bundle of money.

The next morning, a man walks into a billiards parlor...

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The Hustler Film Summary

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