The Hour of the Wolf Summary
Patricia Calvert

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The Hour of the Wolf Summary

The Hour of the Wolf combines the adventures of a courageous seventeenyear-old boy with an account of the most exciting dogsled race in the world, the Iditarod from Anchorage to Nome, Alaska. This race, one of the most demanding anywhere, covers over one thousand miles of the roughest territory in the worst of winter.

There are blizzards, wolves, treacherous terrain and blinding snowstorms in which man and beast lose the way, as well as the fierce competition among seasoned drivers to be the first to arrive at the destination. What makes this story even more exciting is the fact that Jake, a seventeen-year-old from Minnesota, has not lived very long in the North, nor has he had any previous practice working with a dog team and training for such a race. Underlying the narrative are themes of perseverance and of the strengthening of character that comes to those...

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