The Hour of the Dragon Summary
Robert E. Howard

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The Hour of the Dragon Summary

The Hour of the Dragon is escapist entertainment, intended to transport the reader into a world of magic and wonder. Its hero, Conan, loses and regains a kingdom as he fights an evil wizard from the mythical past. The novel is admirably written, featuring vivid descriptions, well-paced action, and many plot-twists and surprises.

When The Hour of the Dragon opens, Conan has become king of Aquilonia and, in spite of a history of wanderlust, proves to be a steady, compassionate, and just king. When the evil power of the ancient wizard Xaltotun is unleashed upon his kingdom, Conan is forced into hiding, then into pursuit of the magical gem called the Heart of Ahriman. This gem is responsible for reviving the longdead Xaltotun, and its powers are needed to defeat the vile wizard.

Conan journeys through lands of mystery and enchantment where friendship can be sold for a...

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