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The Hidden Dimension Summary
Edward T. Hall

Everything you need to understand or teach The Hidden Dimension by Edward T. Hall.

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The Hidden Dimension Summary

Plot Summary

All species in the animal kingdom have basic underlying organizational systems which allow them to survive and reproduce their own. One such system is the use of space. Man can be studied relative to the use of space around himself, in relationships with other humans, and in the cities, homes, and offices he constructs. The Hidden Dimension is such a study, providing a detailed evolutionary progression of the use of space, as well as the particular difficulties man, and specifically Americans, have wrought by the lack of understanding of what space means to all cultural groups on the planet.

Proxemics is a word coined by Hall combining the terms "proximity" and "phonemics," to mean a study of man's use of space as a part of his culture. The thesis of the book is that each animal group has its own physiological, psychological, and sociological proxemic needs and values...

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