The Heirs of Hammerfell Summary
Marion Zimmer Bradley

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The Heirs of Hammerfell Summary

Turning from historical romance to more traditional roots in science fiction and fantasy, Bradley goes back to the early days of Darkover as the setting for The Heirs of Hammerfell.

Those unfamiliar with the history of Darkover are brought up to date in a brief preface. From the time a stray Terran starship landed on the planet, Darkover passed through the Age of Chaos into the Age of the Hundred Kingdoms, a feudal period dominated by the House of Hastur. Hastur is ruled by a hereditary aristocracy called the Comyn, which emerges to consolidate its rule in the Seven Domains.

Ultimately, the technologically advanced Terran Empire rediscovers and reestablishes contact with Darkover.

Prominent in the Darkover fantasyscape are the priestesses of Avarra and the warriors of the Sisterhood of the Sword, who preserve a tradition of wise warrior women in the restrictive world of...

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