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The Harvest Summary
Tomás Rivera

Everything you need to understand or teach The Harvest by Tomás Rivera.

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The Harvest Summary


"The Harvest" (Arte Público Press, 1989) is a short story by Mexican American writer Tomás Rivera. Rivera was the first writer to document the experience of Mexican American migrant farm workers who each year traveled north from Texas to the Midwest to find seasonal work. Rivera, who was the son of Mexican immigrants, had been a migrant worker in his youth, at various times living and working in Iowa, the Dakotas, Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Ohio. He therefore knew firsthand the difficult lives such workers had to endure, and still do today. Migrant workers are among the lowest paid of U. S. workers and they often work long hours in difficult conditions. Housing provided for them is often inadequate, and they are frequently treated as aliens in the communities where they work, even though many are American citizens. Rivera wrote that, in spite of the hardships...

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