The Guardian of Isis Summary
Monica Hughes

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The Guardian of Isis Summary

The Guardian of Isis is an initiation story in which the central character, Jody N'Kumo, must prove himself through a series of adventures in which intelligence, logical deduction, and mature judgment are as important as physical courage. Although he belongs to the third generation of settlers, Jody usually is treated like a disobedient child, frequently being rebuked for questioning, and even disregarding, the community's rules. He particularly violates the ban on inventing devices to make work easier. Jody knows that his independent nature makes him unpopular, and he realizes he is especially disliked by Mark London, the virtual dictator of the settlement and a brother of Jody's deceased grandmother, Carrie. Jody's only support comes from the grandfather for whom he is named; however, disillusionment and physical disabilities have caused Jody's grandfather to withdraw from active participation in governing the community, even though he remains a member of the...

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