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The Green Mile (film) Summary
Frank Darabont

Everything you need to understand or teach The Green Mile (film) by Frank Darabont.

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The Green Mile Summary

Summary and Analysis

As The Green Mile begins, a group of farmers holding guns walks through a field, while dogs bark in the background. One of them finds a piece of cloth on a bush and yells to the others. The men begin to run, and people yell, "Katie," while someone tells another farmer not to make any noise.

Elsewhere, an old man, Paul Edgecomb, wakes up in his own bedroom and crawls out of bed. He goes and gets ready before walking through the nursing home and greeting his neighbors at breakfast. After making eyes at a lady, Elaine Connelly, he asks for cold bread as the server warns him not to get caught when he goes walking every day. The server asks about the walks, and the man says that he just likes to walk.

Later Paul puts on a bright red raincoat...

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The Green Mile Film Summary

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