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The Great Divorce Summary
C. S. Lewis

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The Great Divorce Summary

Plot Summary

The narrator suddenly finds himself in a dismal gray town just before nightfall. It's raining, and the narrator wanders around the dingy streets, looking for direction or at least a better part of town. He never encounters another person; it looks like the entire town is empty, but then he finds a bus station where people are waiting in line. For lack of anything better to do, he stands in line.

He listens to the conversations of others while he stands in line. They all seem discontent. They argue and shove. Finally a bus arrives. The narrator barely makes it onto the bus and feels himself very fortunate to have gotten a seat. The bus flies up into the cloudy sky, above the gray wet rooftops.

Before long the bus arrives in a sunny, grassy country. The scenery is more beautiful than the narrator has seen on earth...

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