The Good Terrorist Summary
Doris Lessing

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The Good Terrorist Summary

Questioning the moves and motives of the bureaucracy underlies not only the political stance of the group but their general outrage. Repeatedly Alice responds in varying degrees of anger to the senseless decision to not only tear down the unoccupied house, but to make it unfit for occupation by cementing over the commodes and water pipes. Her initial response is cursing, full of the energy of hate. In some corner of her mind, she could not believe that anybody, particularly not a member of the working class, could obey an order to destroy a house. In that corner of her brain that was perpetually incredulous began the monologue that Jasper never heard, for he would not have authorized it: But they are people, people did this. To stop other people from living. I don't believe it. Who can they be? What can they be like? I've never met...

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