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The Gold Coast Summary
Nelson Demille

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The Gold Coast Summary

Plot Summary

The Gold Coast is a novel detailing the life of John Sutter and his life over approximately one year. Sutter is a resident of the North Shore of Long Island, or what is sometimes known as The Gold Coast, an area where the extremely wealthy have lived for many years. The area is now in a decline for many different reasons. John is married to Susan Stanhope Sutter, the daughter of one of these excessively wealthy families. Sutter is not poor, but does not have the vast fortune that the Stanhope family had at one time. Though the Stanhope's are still wealthy, they no longer have the never ending funds that they once did, and Stanhope Hall, the family estate sits empty, as many of the other great mansions in the area do. One such estate is Alhambra, next door to the Sutter's. Alhambra is purchased by Frank...

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