The Godwulf Manuscript Summary
Robert B. Parker

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The Godwulf Manuscript Summary

As with all fiction The Godwulf Manuscript is a novel of its time and reflects the background of its author. It is no wonder that his first published novel is set on a college campus. Parker obviously is drawing on the fact that he spent the previous decade teaching. But in The Godwulf Manuscript he casts a jaundiced eye on both the university world and the social world of student radicals and various other hangers-on of the campus community both inside and outside of the collegiate environment.

Hired by the security chief of a local university to search for a rare manuscript which has been stolen from the campus library, Spenser spends a good portion of the novel in and around the university environs, during which he meets up with various academic administrators and radicals, both student and faculty. Spenser's exposure to these political...

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