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The God Who Loves You Summary
Carl Dennis

Everything you need to understand or teach The God Who Loves You by Carl Dennis.

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The God Who Loves You Summary


Carl Dennis published his poem "The God Who Loves You" in his eighth poetry collection, Practical Gods (2001), which won the Pulitzer Prize. Like many of his works, the poem examines philosophical concepts, in this case predetermination and free will—topics that Dennis explored in previous collections such as Ranking the Wishes (1997). In Dennis's trademark style, "The God Who Loves You" also addresses the mundane details of everyday human experience. But in this poem, which is addressed directly to the reader, these details are initially viewed in a negative context, since Dennis poses the idea that the reader could have had a better life by making different choices. This idea sets up a corresponding concept that the reader's faulty choices have made God sad because God loves the reader. And God, through the deity's omnipotence, is forced to see this best possible path that the reader could have taken and...

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