The Gift of Sarah Barker Summary
Jane Yolen

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The Gift of Sarah Barker Summary

The Gift of Sarah Barker, unlike the fantasy fiction for which Yolen is best known, is an absorbing historical novel. It addresses in frank terms the issues of growing up. The story is especially intriguing because this growingup process takes place in an atmosphere of self-denial and strictest celibacy. Two teenage characters, Sarah Barker and Abel Church, are drawn to each other despite residing in a religious community that rejects marriage as the greatest sin of the flesh. The community observes rules that keep boys and men apart from girls and women. Members are taught to regard themselves as brothers and sisters, and to address each other as such.

This strict community, although fictional, is based upon fact. Yolen explores her themes in terms of the history of the United Society of Believers in the First and Second Appearing of Christ, commonly known as the Shakers. The Shakers...

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