The Game of Thirty Summary
William Kotzwinkle

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The Game of Thirty Summary

One of the most basic aspects of the traditional novel is the manner in which the protagonist, who often represents specific values and virtues that a culture supports, grapples with forces which are assaulting the foundations of that culture. In The Game of Thirty, Kotzwinkle places Jimmy Mc-Shane — a man whose character has been formed by an earlier America — in the midst of the postmodern world, where his fundamental precepts and principles are tested and his adaptability becomes a crucial factor in his physical survival and the maintenance of his psychic stability. McShane is a man with considerable experience in the vagaries of human behavior, but the extremity of evil and the fragility of innocence that he encounters as he pursues a conscienceless killer, in response to the classic detective's obligation to unravel a mystery and set aright the moral imbalance, compel him to modify both...

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