The Foxes of Harrow Summary
Frank Garvin Yerby

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The Foxes of Harrow Summary

The Foxes of Harrow, like most of Yerby's novels, concerns itself with specific Southern social issues. Most prominent among these is the importance of social position, which, because of the influence of the aristocratic mentality, must be attained by the protagonist, regardless of personal cost, by fair means or foul. This particular aspect of Southern life takes its roots from the background of the Southern world, in which gentlemen's duels, gallant deeds and lovely ladies tend to predominate.

In addition, the decay of Southern social manorial patterns is strongly delineated. In this respect, Yerby is repudiating the notion of the Southern aristocracy, its so-called heroism, its ancestry, chivalry and its sterling character. Stephen Fox, the protagonist of The Foxes of Harrow personifies the hollow, unsavory character of the aristocrat of the South.

The Foxes of Harrow historically covers the years 1825 to 1865. The rakish Stephen...

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