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The Essential Rumi Summary
Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Balkhi-Rumi

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The Essential Rumi Summary



This was Rumi's first Friend. The impression readers have is that Rumi was quite a special fellow who had difficulty finding that "kindred spirit." One day, one actually appeared. His name was Shams. He and Rumi became very close. Rumi had a Friend and he was ecstatic and his love grew boundless. Most of the time that they were together was spent in conversation.

Shams went away. He was sought out and brought back. After he had been back for quite a while, he one day disappeared. Rumor has it that he had been murdered. To this day, this stands as an unconfirmed but suspected reality.

Rumi began writing poetry after his disappearance; therefore, Shams is viewed as the number one inspiration. Although Rumi wrote poems sequentially in time, and in relation to three major best living friends, Shams was the first. The Essential Rumi includes writing samples...

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