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The Eskimo Connection Summary
Hisaye Yamamoto

Everything you need to understand or teach The Eskimo Connection by Hisaye Yamamoto.

  • The Eskimo Connection Summary & Study Guide

The Eskimo Connection Summary


Hisaye Yamamoto' s short story "The Eskimo Connection," published in 1983 in the Japanese-American magazine Rafu Shimpo, tells of the curious relationship between Emiko, a widowed Nisei poet living in Los Angeles and now primarily taking care of her grandchildren, and Alden, a young Eskimo in a federal penitentiary. Alden initiates a correspondence with Emiko, saying that he saw a poem of hers in a magazine and would like a critique of an essay he wrote for the prison newsletter. Emiko is, at first, very hesitant to respond to Alden, fearing that her negative impression of his writing would hurt him; and besides, she cannot imagine what they have in common. But she does answer his letter, and a two-year relationship between the two unlikely correspondents is initiated.

Yamamoto wrote this story late in her career, a good thirty years after she had received the first applause for her short...

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