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Paul Zindel

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The Doom Stone Summary

He saw its skin, a transparent membrane pulled taut over a huge skull, and within the black sockets below its distended brow two narrow, red, murderous eyes.

Where its nose should have been was a ragged, oozing hole. The monster cocked its head as if showing off its neck wound, glared at Jackson as it thrust its twisted fangs out at the window, and began to pound the aircraft with its insectlike extremities.

Thus Jackson Cawley, the protagonist of The Doom Stone, has his first good look at Skull Face, the murderous monster he battles for the rest of the novel. Skull Face is a wellthought-out creature; Zindel even touches on its evolutionary history. It represents a species of hominid (humanlike creatures) previously unknown to science. Its transparent skin and red eyes are the result of having evolved in the sunless underground, and its...

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