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The Dog Stars Summary
Peter Heller

Everything you need to understand or teach The Dog Stars by Peter Heller.

  • The Dog Stars Summary & Study Guide

The Dog Stars Summary

Plot Summary

Earth is warming, not cooling as was predicted. Hig still flies his 19556 Cessna, hand pumping the fuel when necessary and keeping his flights local to conserve the fuel that he has. Bruce Bangley, Hig's only neighbor, arrived after Hig had already made his home in the hangar near his plane. Hig retreated there when his wife and child died, unable to face life in the home they shared. Now, Hig and Bangley are part of a small group of survivors. First the flu had hit, beginning when a sample was being shipped from one lab to another and the plane it was in crashed. The illness spread quickly, taking people in days and overwhelming medical services. A blood disease similar to AIDS followed closely behind, killing most of the flu survivors. Some survived. Most didn't. Now, the earth is slowly ridding itself of all species with only few...

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