The Demon Breed Summary
James H. Schmitz

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The Demon Breed Summary

The Demon Breed, a novel of adventure and battle set on one of the Federation's water planets, is thematically the most complex of Schmitz's novels. It explores the issue of survival in an unpredictable universe and what strategies work best for a sentient species over the long haul. The Demon Breed is an ecological novel which includes sentient species like humanity as intimate parts of ecological systems, subject to the same laws that govern the competition among lower forms of life. The crucial difference between intelligent and unintelligent life-forms in matters of competition is that intelligent forms must make choices, such as long-term implications of their strategies. In this novel Schmitz presents a confrontation between two intelligent species who have made this choice very differently.

The two societies meet on the planet of Nandy-Cline. The way they interact is the result of choices made...

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