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The Decameron Summary
Giovanni Boccaccio

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The Decameron Summary


Saint Ciappellettoappears in Chapter 1

Saint Ciappelletto is the main character in chapter one. The saint begins the story as Ser Cepparello, a notary who lives in France. Cepparello is a very dishonest man to the point that he is ashamed if any of his dealings are proven to be honest and true. However, because Cepparello is such an accomplished liar, the people of his village honor the man and entrust him with all their legal documents, business, and money. Therefore, it is not unusual when Musciatto Franzesi approaches Cepparello to handle his business in Burgundy while he travels to meet with Pope Boniface. Cepparello is delighted with the task of traveling to Burgundy to attend to Frazesi's business, surely making many opportunities for himself along the way.

Cepparello is pleased to take up residence with the two Florentine brothers whose reputation is not good in the town. However...

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