The Darkangel Summary
Meredith Ann Pierce

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The Darkangel Summary

The Darkangel plunges the reader into a world of fantasy and mythical creatures, while at the same time treating basic human qualities like love, loyalty, and bravery. The situations that Aeriel, the heroine, faces are realistic to the reader, despite the novel's fantastic setting.

The detailed descriptions of creatures, landscapes, food, clothing, tools, and lifestyles all serve to enhance the story.

The novel is alive with tangible detail, from the tiny, trumpet-shaped hornflowers that Aeriel and her mistress Eoduin seek, to the almonds, steamed crayfish, and white grapes that emerge from the magic pouch to satisfy Aeriel's hunger when she is crossing the desert.

In addition, the reader can identify with Aeriel's values: the loyalty she gives to her friend, Eoduin; the friendship she extends to undesirable creatures like the gargoyles and the wraiths; and the confusion and unselfishness she feels about the vampire. The reader can also...

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