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The Conversation Summary
Francis Ford Coppola

Everything you need to understand or teach The Conversation by Francis Ford Coppola.

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The Conversation Summary

Summary and Analysis

The Conversation begins in the middle of a busy square, where a band plays, and a man wanders around trying to avoid stepping on any cracks. The man follows another man through the streets. A sign on a building says City Paris, and a photographer is locking in on a couple from his position on top of a building. The couple goes behind a wall but they don't reappear. Instead, they enjoy the band, and then continue on their way. We can hear the couple's conversation fuzzily come through on some type of a transmitter.

Security Specialist Harry Caul, dressed in a suit and a transparent raincoat, follows the couple while they walk. After they see a homeless man on the street, the woman says that those men were once someone's child, and it makes her sad to see them living like this. Harry then...

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The Conversation Film Summary

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