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The Constellation Orion Summary
Ted Kooser

Everything you need to understand or teach The Constellation Orion by Ted Kooser.

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The Constellation Orion Summary


The Constellation Orion" was originally publishedin 1975 in Three Rivers Poetry Journal, and then reprinted in Kooser's 1980 collection, Sure Signs: 19/5 New and Selected Poems. The poem typifies Kooser's style: short, descriptive, and literal. Its brevity (only 14 lines) and "artless" manner make it easy to read and accessible to those who are not regular readers of poetry. It also addresses a favorite Kooser subject: the relationship between the natural and the human worlds.

Written in 1970, the poem literally describes an experience Kooser had while driving his son, then about three years old, back to Lincoln, Nebraska from just outside Ames, Iowa. Kooser would make the trek on weekends to pick up his son from his ex-wife, who lived in Marshalltown, Iowa. He would then sometimes visit his parents in Cedar Rapids before returning to Lincoln. The highway, the car, and the night sky made up their world at this time.


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