The Ceremony of Innocence Summary
Jamake Highwater

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The Ceremony of Innocence Summary

As in many of his other works, Highwater addresses the theme of cultural conflict and the problems that result. Through the eyes of Amana, Highwater shows the basic differences concerning nature and the land that existed between the white man and the Native American. The sensitivity of the Native American to the environment contrasts sharply with the senseless destruction of the white man. When the two cultures meet, only one can remain dominant. And, although Highwater rails against the white man's attempt to apply inappropriate European standards to judge the native American life, there is no question which culture will survive.

Following the cycle of the year, Amana and her people had moved across the Great Plains, tying their lives to the wanderings of the buffalo.

As white men killed the buffalo for pleasure or for leather, and confined Amana and her people to reservations, the traditional way...

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