The Cats of Seroster Summary
Robert Westall

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The Cats of Seroster Summary

The Cats of Seroster is a novel of high adventure set in a fantasy world where felines and humans join forces to battle chaos and oppression. Cam, a wandering scholar, and Amon, the main feline protagonist, face death, robbers, and wild animals, and lead an exciting siege of a medieval city. In true fairy tale fashion, the young hero is given a magic gift, a knife that fights on its own, but he fears the terrible power of the weapon which forces him to kill against his will, and tries to escape from a role that seems to be forced upon him by fate. Amon, the cat, is unhappy about the leadership role and responsibility that is given to him as protector of a mob of fugitive cats.

Eventually, both submit and accept the mission that fate or magic seems to have reserved for them. The action of...

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