The Businessman: A Tale of Terror Summary
Thomas M. Disch

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The Businessman: A Tale of Terror Summary

The Businessman is a well-conceived portrait of a world in which nature, humanity, and spirits are united into a system of existence that transcends the daily concerns of people. Even death is but a momentary blotch on a person's existence; from death comes new life in heaven. The only true death comes from the lack of imagination. In The Businessman, imagination is the key to understanding the universe. Through imagination, one may perceive wood nymphs, demons, and even spiritually advanced frogs. Indeed, the afterlife itself is defined by the imagination: "Heaven is no more than a fantasm generated by the excess energies of the pooled imaginations of the blessed."

Many themes are developed in The Businessman. In addition to the themes of a confused society, death, and imagination, Disch explores sexual and spiritual love, Christianity, dreams, and those traits that make people fully human. Unusual for Disch is...

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