The Bone Wars Summary
Kathryn Lasky

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The Bone Wars Summary

The Bone Wars examines what happens to people caught up in surging tides of rapid change, as happened in the western United States in the 1870s.

It is an exciting story with many varied but realistic characters, each trying to realize a dream, even though that dream is sometimes nothing more than trying to hold on to what one has in the face of great odds. It features many characters from many different backgrounds, making each comprehensible to the reader with colorful descriptions and revealing vignettes of their lives—from English gentry to Native Americans. Some, like Chief Crazy Horse or Colonel George Custer, are actual figures from history. Others are fictional, but closely based on real people of the time: fossil-hunters Cunningham and Babcock are much like scientific rivals Cope and Marsh, competitors in the real-life "Bone Wars," as reported by the newspapers of their day...

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