The Blessing Way Summary
Tony Hillerman

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The Blessing Way Summary

Lieutenant Leaphorn works for the Law and Order Division of the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Ironically, as in much modern detective fiction, the representative of law and order seems much more concerned to see that he serves order, rather than law. Moreover, the Navajo Way is concerned primarily with balance, and with maintaining the harmony that exists as a result of the interconnectedness, and interdependency, of all things. Thus, as a detective, Leaphorn serves not only the cause of justice, but the very basis of Navajo culture itself, by restoring order to a society unbalanced by crime and death.

Alienation is perhaps Hillerman's strongest theme in The Blessing Way. Each of the four major male characters in the novel feels alienated from his culture in some way, and the only woman character of any importance in the novel—Ellen Leon— becomes increasingly alienated from her fiance...

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