The Black Marble Summary
Joseph Wambaugh

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The Black Marble Summary

Joseph Wambaugh is primarily concerned with the emotional cost of being a policeman, but he widens his focus in this novel to include the loneliness of a socially well-connected but discarded wife and the world of championship show dogs. The 1990s have seen the Los Angeles Police Department achieve an unwelcome notoriety for racism, corruption, brutality, and incompetence. Wambaugh's 1970s novels — from The New Centurions to The Black Marble — provide in some way a relevant and prescient commentary on all of these aspects of the LAPD two decades later. Even the good cops of the novels are touched by these very infections, but few of them are irredeemable. Wambaugh's novels make the case — long before Rodney King and O. J. Simpson — that cops are mostly flawed good men dedicated to a dirty, impossible mission. The novels do not excuse racism...

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