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The Bingo Palace Summary
Louise Erdrich

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The Bingo Palace Summary

Plot Summary

Bingo Palace is a story about love, tradition and spirituality. The novel follows the lives of a group of people tied through various branches of lineage. The main characters struggle with life and coming of age on a Native American reservation in North Dakota.

Lulu Lamartine's trip to the post office opens this story. Lulu is the grandmother of the main character, Lipsha Morrissey. An unknown narrator is watching lulu as she carries on what the narrator calls her routine. Once at the post office, Lulu removes the wanted poster of her son, Gerry Nanapush, from the wall and makes a copy to send to her grandson, Lipsha. She keeps the original and frames it in her apartment.

At the time that Lipsha Morrissey receives the package from his grandmother, he is living in Fargo, North Dakota, working for a sugar beet factory. According to the members of...

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