The Begum's Fortune Summary
Jules Verne

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The Begum's Fortune Summary

In spite of all their futuristic and Utopian qualities, Verne's writings are strongly influenced by nineteenth century issues: nationalism, the American dream, and the possibilities of science. Jules Verne is famous for his powers to anticipate the future, intended to invoke in the reader awe and wonder at the possibilities of science. The Begum's Fortune, however, also explores its darker aspects. One of the most terrifying is probably the first attempt in literature of describing an artificial attack satellite. Even though Verne made several erroneous technical assumptions, it is a grim forecast of mega-military destruction through science. Generally, Verne saw science in a positive light. To a son of the late nineteenth century, a century which had seen wonderful and tremendous technical advances, technology could be a very beneficial force. Yet he was also a realist, and The Begum's Fortune was a product of his later years, when...

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