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The Baptism Summary
Amiri Baraka

Everything you need to understand or teach The Baptism by Amiri Baraka.

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The Baptism Summary


In 1964, the Writers' Stage Theatre in New York City staged the first production of Amiri Baraka's satirical one-act play about religion, The Baptism. The play was presented and published under Baraka's given name, LeRoi Jones. According to Tish Dace and Andrew O. Jones in the Reference Guide to American Literature, the play "jarred and amused its spectators" but also "drew charges of both obscenity and blasphemy." That year, Baraka began garnering attention as a major playwright, with a number of his other plays also opening, including the Obie Award-winning Dutchman. The Baptism was also published in 1967, together with an earlier Baraka play, under the title The Baptism and The Toilet.

The Baptism is a challenging play on a number of levels. For example, some of the language and subject matter is of an adult nature and offensive to some. In addition, the characters are less individuals than they are...

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