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Ron Koertge

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The Arizona Kid Summary

In The Arizona Kid, Koertge covers a great deal of ground. He looks at falling in love, homosexuality, safe sex, honesty, self-esteem, horse training, and respect with both seriousness and an engaging sense of humor. Events in the novel happen quickly and are supplemented by the internal commentary of the narrator. Koertge draws the reader into Billy's world, because part of Billy—his insecurities, his need to find a niche, and his confusion about life in general—exists in each of us.

The reader extends an understanding sympathy towards Billy and those around him because he and the other main characters in the story are wellrounded people, each with admirable and not-so-admirable qualities. '

The Arizona Kid is essentially a coming-of-age story and in some ways a fantasy in which a young person has an adventure away from the prying eyes of parents. Billy arrives in...

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