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The Amber Spyglass Summary
Philip Pullman

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The Amber Spyglass Summary

Plot Summary

The Amber Spyglass is the third book in the His Dark Materials trilogy, which tells the story of Lyra of Jordan College in another world's version of Oxford, her friend Will from our world, and Lord Asriel's revolt against the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Amber Spyglass begins with the reappearance of Lyra, who has been kidnapped by her mother, Mrs. Coulter, who keeps her daughter sedated. Lyra dreams of her friend Roger, whose death she feels she caused. She promises that they will free him from the World of the Dead. Lyra's friend Will, the bearer of the subtle knife, searches for her despite the urgings of two angels, Balthamos and Baruch, that he should go immediately to Lord Asriel and offer his knife and his services in Asriel's war against the Authority. On his journey to save Lyra, Will meets the bear-king Iorek Byrnison, and they join...

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