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Thanksgiving Summary
Janet Evanovich

Everything you need to understand or teach Thanksgiving by Janet Evanovich.

  • Thanksgiving Summary & Study Guide
  • 30 Thanksgiving Lessons
  • 20 Activities
  • 180 Multiple Choice Questions
  • 60 Short Essay Questions
  • 20 Essay Questions
  • Pre-Made Tests and Quizzes
  • ...and more

Thanksgiving Summary

Plot Summary

Megan Murphy is having a makeshift picnic in a park in Williamsburg when she encounters a large, fluffy, friendly rabbit—eating at the hem of her skirt. Patrick Hunter approaches, tells her it's his rabbit and teasingly fusses at her for feeding her skirt to the rabbit. She later sees the same rabbit and takes it back to Patrick, planning to scold him for his lax pet parenting skills. But before she has the chance to tell him what she thinks, a young woman named Tilly Coogan rushes in, hands Megan her young son, says she'll return in a couple of weeks, and rushes out again. Patrick immediately searches for members of Tilly's family but finds she has none listed on Tim's patient information. Meanwhile, Megan has rocked Tim to sleep and discovered that she enjoys mothering the little boy. Patrick says he'll have to hand the...

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Study Pack

The Thanksgiving Study Pack contains about 38 pages of study material in 2 products, including:

Thanksgiving Study Guide

Lesson Plan

All teaching products sold separately.

Thanksgiving Lesson Plans contain 104 pages of teaching material, including:

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