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Tenth of December: Stories Summary
George Saunders

Everything you need to understand or teach Tenth of December by George Saunders.

  • Tenth of December: Stories Summary & Study Guide

Tenth of December: Stories Summary


Alison Popeappears in Victory Lap

Alison Pope is the damsel in distress character in the story "Victory Lap." She is a fifteen year old who dreams of finding her prince charming in a world filled with ordinary men. To her, the world is filled with love and goodness and beautiful people who will never be anything but kind to her. This view of the world is shattered when a man pretending to be a meter reader tries to abduct her from her home.

Alison's salvation comes from an unexpected source. She remembers the way that she and Kyle Boot had been friends when they were younger. She now considers him to be a wimp and a geek. Her opinion of Kyle does not fit her ideal of her expected prince charming. After he saves her from her attackers, she has recurring nightmares where Kyle actually kills her abductor...

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