Tales of Burning Love Summary
Louise Erdrich

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Tales of Burning Love Summary

Nearly all of the major characters of the novel begin with a corruption of love before they proceed to a better love. Jack is a faithless womanizer, and it is not likely in the course of the novel that he experiences any great change; however, he at least resolves some of his relationships and responds to Eleanor. Giving up her undergraduate students, although perhaps not willingly, Eleanor tries to clarify past relations, particularly with Jack. Marlis begins as a parasitic lover, a person who needs to feel power over others, and although her relationship to Candice is exploitive, she is better to others because she is loved and cared for by Candice. Candice, a brittle woman with Jack, wary of her professional dignity, is fulfilled through love of Marlis and Marlis's child, the baby John. Dot is jealous about being loved by Jack, but her jealousy has little...

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