Tackle Without a Team Summary
Matt Christopher

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Tackle Without a Team Summary

For sports enthusiasts there is no better way to enjoy a rainy afternoon than with a Matt Christopher book. In Tackle Without a Team the author creates a realistic look at junior high football leagues and the jealousy that enters the playing field. Protagonist Scott Kramer is kicked off the Grayhawks team because of two marijuana cigarettes found in his duffel bag. Only his best friend, Kear Nguyen, believes him when he protests that the marijuana is not his. Two years earlier his brother had been arrested for possessing drugs, so the coach and Scott's father feel that Scott is following in his brother's footsteps. Later when Kear's stolen wallet is discovered in Scott's duffel bag, even his best friend believes the worst of Scott. Scott sets out to trap the culprit who has framed him. The excitement of football and the suspense of mystery combine for a...

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