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Symposium Summary

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Symposium Summary

Plot Summary

Apollodorus tells the story of a drinking party or symposium that occurs long ago. Socrates and Aristodemus go to a party given for Agathon, since Agathon has just won a contest for the performance of his tragedy. The men there talk and drink and then decide that each should give a speech in praise of the god, Love.

Phaedrus first gives a speech. He tells about the courage that a lover and his beloved have when they are going to battle together. Phaedrus gives the example of Achilles, who avenges his lover, Patroclus, though Achilles knows it will lead to his own death. Next Pausanius gives a speech and suggests conditions for a successful relationship between the lover and the beloved. He says that the relationship must focus on developing the personality and the mind of the beloved, the boyfriend. Relationships purely for physical gratification are wrong, although...

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