Sybil at Sixteen Summary
Susan Beth Pfeffer

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Sybil at Sixteen Summary

The special experiences, good and bad, that bond a family together are explored in Sybil at Sixteen. While Sybil is the focus of the story, the relationships among the four sisters and the father and mother are preeminent. It is clear that even though members of a family love each other, they can still be capable of secrecy, deceit, and betrayal.

Love shared by members of the Sebastian family is unevenly dispersed with one sister or another often receiving preferential treatment. At times the sisters vie with each other for the love of their father, Nick Sebastian. Motives of the sisters and of their parents, particularly the father, are not always admirable. In crises, however, family loyalties usually prevail.

Events comprising the story of Sybil at Sixteen are initiated during a gathering of the entire family in honor of Sybil's sixteenth birthday. Traditionally, the Sebastians have specially celebrated...

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