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Unfit for Command Summary
Jerome Corsi

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Unfit for Command Summary

Plot Summary

The 185 pages of Unfit for Command detail John Kerry's service in Vietnam as the commander of a Patrol Craft Swift (PCF), or "Swift Boat," as well as his post-Vietnam activities as a leader of the anti-war movement. The book's perspective is through the eyes of the men with whom he served. With rare exception, his comrades-in-arms view the Democratic nominee for President of the United States as a coward, liar, opportunist, and war criminal. They claim Kerry designed his military service and post-service activities for the self-stated purpose of creating a legend of falsehoods that would provide a platform for Kerry to later run for President. The authors state that their sole purpose for writing Unfit for Command was to expose John Kerry as unqualified to command the nation's military. The Democrats, of course, denied both the intent and substance of the book; claiming it was a smear...

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