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Swaddling Clothes Summary
Yukio Mishima

Everything you need to understand or teach Swadding Clothes by Yukio Mishima.

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Swaddling Clothes Summary


Yukio Mishima's "Swaddling Clothes" was first published in Japan in 1955 in the highbrow literary journal Bungei. Its first English language publication appeared in Today's Japan, 1960, translated by Ivan Morris. The original Japanese title, "Shinbun-gami" simply means "newspapers" and the story's standard English title is an interpretive translation by Morris. It has since been included in several English translations of Mishima's work such as Death in Midsummer and Other Stories (1966). By 1955, Mishima was already a well-known literary figure, having received much attention and acclaim for his autobiographical Confessions of a Mask (1949) and Kinjiki [also known as Forbidden Colors (1951)]. During this early period, Mishima's works had not yet taken a decidedly political turn and were more interested in personal exploration and the nihilist aesthetics of the Roman-ha group (or "Japanese Romanticists") who took Mishima under their wing.

It would be difficult to exactly locate when Mishima's works became overtly political and...

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