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Surprised by Joy Summary
C. S. Lewis

Everything you need to understand or teach Surprised by Joy by C. S. Lewis.

  • Surprised by Joy Summary & Study Guide

Surprised by Joy Summary

Plot Summary

In his book titled "Surprised by Joy: The Shape of My Early Life", author and thinker C.S. Lewis sets out to describe the ways in which his childhood and education shaped his mind and trained his thinking to lead ultimately to his concluding that Christianity was the most valid and comprehensive answer to his inherent longing for the experience he calls Joy. He follows the thread through his youth and into adulthood as he experiences Joy, first in his imaginary and literary world, later in nature. Finally, after long searching for joy intellectually and aesthetically, those searches pointed to the transcendent Source and Author of joy, the God of Christian scripture.

His mother was a mathematician from a refined, English family and died of cancer when he was young. His father was a boisterous Welshman, clever, but distanced by the quirky mental habits that made communicating with...

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Surprised by Joy Study Guide

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